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Welcome to Adele Reproductive
Health Foundation (ARHF)

A Word from the Founder and CEO.

Dear Friends, Partners and Volunteers,

ARHF is a registered community-based non-profit and non-political organisation founded in 2000 by Gwewasang C Martin. It is registered in Cameroon under various ministries (Territorial Administration, Health, Youth Affairs & Civic Education, External Relations, Secondary Education, Women Empowerment and Family, etc). It is located in the economic capital of Douala, Bonaberi, Mambanda, Grand Magazine, street 4065. We focused on providing Reproductive Health and Family Planning (RH/FP) services to hard-to-reach communities in three regions (Littoral, North and South West) regions.

Our Areas of Impact

ARHF has been able to support and strengthen the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) agenda especially for the most marginalized and most vulnerable women in the targeted areas.

Reproductive Health Training

Improving the state of health care Providers’ education nationally by training multiple levels of providers

Women’s Health

We promote women’s health by increasing access to health information, basic reproductive health services and training.

Partnerships & Networks

Building strong and effective partnerships and networks. 99% of our work is self-funded, 1% by foundations, partners, and volunteers.

Other Areas of Impact

Provision of Contraceptives Methods and Reproductive Health Essential Medicines and Information

we provide contraceptives methods and reproductive health essential medicines and information strictly on the basis of voluntary informed choice, and neither endorsed nor engaged in coercion practices in the promotion of acceptance of family planning methods

Other Areas of Impact

We ensure the maintenance of satisfactory standards in the delivery of the association’s FP training and services

For more information concerning how our organization operates, including our impact areas, kindly click on the button below to discover more.

Projects and Activities

List of our features resources

Youth Symposium on Social and Business Entrepreneurship

Thursday April 18, 2019,

On Thursday April 18, 2019, young CEOs and social entrepreneurs turned up at The United States of America,

Survey At Clinical Training Center for Family Planning

Sept 28, 2013.

In prelude to the Sept 28, 2013 run-up campaigns, Gwewasang organized his first activity by conducting a survey at the

inspirational leadership in Reproductive Health and Family Planning education programs

The Foundation has a strong presence in its community and is known for its inspirational leadership in Reproductive Health and Family Planning

Our Partners and Sponsors

We partner with organizations, governments, institutions and other groups which support our vision, for a greater impact.

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