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Adele Reproductive Health Centre NGO in Cameroon

Adele Reproductive Health Centre NGO in Cameroon changed to Adele Reproductive Health Foundation. Members and Volunteers of the Foundation consider this change very important as it would allow this new Foundation, Adele Reproductive Health Foundation to better strengthen its internal and external structures and working.

Adele Reproductive Health Foundation is a Cameroon registered reproductive health and family planning community-based Foundation established in 2000. Since then we are working to promote women’s reproductive health and rights and other primary and global healthcare related initiatives for the underprivileged populations in Cameroon. Adele Reproductive Health Foundation (ARHF) is located in Mambanda (near grand magazine) – Bonassama Regional Health Service, in the Wouri region.

The Foundation has a strong presence in its community and is known for its inspirational leadership in Reproductive Health and Family Planning education programs that currently benefits more that 1 million people through a network of independent and public health facilities, organized women and youth groups, Cultural and Development Association, NGOs and grassroots health workers, schools, colleges, faith-based and universities, and for assuring the economically disadvantaged and underrepresented minority groups that even the most challenging global health problems can be overcome.

The Foundation has greatly broaden its scope, and currently has programs addressing Women’s reproductive health and rights, HIV and AIDS prevention education, immunization services, common adult and childhood diseases, Cancer and infertility screening, Malaria, Child Abused, Clean Water and Sanitation, environment, and primary healthcare Mobile clinic services.

One of the Foundation important initiatives train’s community Healthcare Providers of all levels and ages who have no formal medical education, and in collaboration with Medical Knowledge Institute, The Netherlands will establish the first pilot Medical Knowledge Institute information Centre in Cameroon.

One other flag-ship project of the Foundation is the strong partnership with The INFO Project, based at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Communication Project, in the USA. Since 2005 the Foundation has received financial, material and technical support from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to ensure that information, knowledge, and best practices for family planning/reproductive health are accessed by multiple audiences with different needs in Cameroon.

Also, in responding to USAID’s follow-on project, Knowledge for Health (K4H), the Center for Communication Programs in their proposal creating a voluntary K4H Health Network of organizations working on health in and for countries engaged in development and improvement of health services, enlisted Adele Reproductive Health Foundation as a founding and key collaborating organization in the K4K Health Network. Your varied supports registered some great achievements and the promise of continuing activity and improvement is assured with your continuous financial, material and technical assistance in 2009

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